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Located in one of the best regions in Recife, next to Boa Viagem Beach, shopping malls, airport, commercial centers and hotels, where it has a structure that ensures comfort, discretion and personalized service for each client.


It has a technical and qualified team with an international profile, which meets high level demands and in compliance with the market requirements, in the areas of Maritime and Port Law; Customs Law; International Law and Foreign Trade; Labor law; Civil Law, Mediation and Arbitration; Immigration, purchase of real estate and visas Brazil - United States; Immigration and visas Brazil - Portugal; Divorce and Inventory by proxy for foreigners.


Isabella Costa Advocacy is an Office that seeks your excellence through its professionals, offering extensive services, in consultative and preventive legal advice, as well as attorneys service by correspondence and monitoring of litigation, administrative and Chambers   mediation and arbitration, for legal entities and individuals.

Isabella  Costa

Maritime and Port  Law  and Foreign Trade


Lawyer, Master's Degree in Law and International Business from the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (Spain), graduated in Law from DeVry Unifbv College, in Maritime Law from the Maritime Law Academy. Member of the Maritime, Port and Petroleum Law Committee of OAB / PE. Bachelor in Nautical Sciences and Officer of the Nautical Merchant Navy (CIABA / 2007). Experience in ships, offshore vessels and platforms. (OAB-ESA / 2017), Maritime Arbitration, International purchase and sale contracts, INCOTERMS 2010, Transport and Shipping Contracts, Damage and Loss and Breakdown Contracts - (MLAW-2016) and Maritime and Port Worker Law (ESA-OAB / PE, 2016). It acts in cases of Maritime and Port Worker, Compensation for Work Accidents in ports, vessels and platforms, Civil and criminal actions by Accidents and Facts of Navigation, Maritime Court, Fishing Activities, Maritime Accident Protests, Advice for Ports Users & Ships in import and export.

Ivana Malta

Civil Law, Mediation and Arbitration


Legal assistant, formed by DeVry Unifbv. Judicial Mediator certified by the CNJ. Tied as Judicial Mediator - CEJUSC / PE. Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution System, Federal University Lomas de Zamora - UNLZ, Argentina. Training in Mediation and Arbitration by INAMA (National Institute of Mediation and Arbitration) - Seccional Pernambuco. She worked as a Judicial Mediator at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) in partnership with TJRJ. She acted as a voluntary judicial mediator at the NPJ / UNIFBV (Center for Legal Practices of UNIFBV University Center.



Stévia Angelin

Cível, Trabalhista e Mediação


Lawyer, Master Student in Alternative Systems for Conflict Resolution by the Federal University Lomas de Zamora - UNLZ, Argentina. Judicial Mediator certified by the CNJ. Post-graduate in Labor Law and Labor Process by ESA-PE. Graduated in Law from ASCES- UNITA Centro Universitário Tabosa De Almeida. She acts as legal counsel and lawyer in the labor and civil area, in the conduct of complex cases, hearings, diligences and litigation. During the period she was at CEJUSCS-PE, with the CCMA of Jaboatão dos Guararapes / PE, she acted as a judicial mediator, aiming at the provision of collaborative justice. It is adept to the system of systemic advocacy, where it aims at guaranteeing jurisdictional satisfaction, through integrative methods of dispute resolution: Mediation, conciliation and arbitration.


Jorge Castro

Specialist in Visa Gold and Emigration / Naturalization - Portugal

Portuguese lawyer, born in Porto, graduated from Catholic University

Portuguese. Specialist in Corporate Finace, Visa Gold, Emigration in Portugal, Criminal, Commercial and Corporate Law, with experience of 25 years and associated offices in Europe - Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussels and Switzerland - Lausanne. It acts in cases of moral damages, indemnifications, family law and successions, corporations, business law and emigration. Speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian in visa and business consulting, advising foreigners and their families on immigration and naturalization processes in Portugal, including renting or buying a residence. Member of the Portuguese Bar Association.


Customs Law


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Rua Barão de Souza Leão, 425, sala 810, Empresarial Pontes Corporate Center, Boa Viagem  - Recife/PE - CEP: 51030-902

+55 (81) 3204-5543

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